Synopsis: EEva’s Challenge tells the story of Eva, Nacho’s mum. Nacho is a child affected by Dent disease, a disease caused by an X-linked mutation. Eva is capable of laying out any type of challenge to raise funds to cover the costs resulting from the research on Dent disease in order to get a potential cure for Nacho. Despite Eva’s multiple sclerosis affecting 53% of her body, she is capable of crossing the Sahara Desert on a mountain bike, participating in the Titan Desert, one of the most demanding races around the world. Eva’s Challenge shows us the everyday life of a woman constantly struggling to keep living focused on Asdent, the Dent Disease Association she has created. Her own and her family’s lives revolve around Asdent, especially her husband’s, David, who follows her everywhere, always by her side. Asdent can build a real fanbase full of loyal followers of the #AllForNacho (#TodoporNacho) cause: people who have been rubbed off on by Eva’s struggle, strength and tenacity. These include Spanish celebrities such as Santi Millán, Perico Delgado and Andrés Iniesta, a group of prisoners in the Quatre Camins prison near Barcelona, and so many people who, after becoming aware of Asdent’s mission and Eva’s strength, are marked and cannot cut off or stop co-operating, including anonymous people who, in many cases, are willing to share the little they have because, as Asdent says, they “want to see them smile, today, tomorrow and always”. IN CO-OPERATION WITH: ZOOPATOMANDO CONCIENCIABAKERY GROUPCAJA CANARIASVIAJES TARANNAGAESVHIR VALL D’HEBRONVIATGERS SENSE FRONTERES Website: Invitations: