Asdent, Dent Disease Association, was created from the diagnose of this disease made to Nacho, a 5-year old child who started to have complications during pregnancy, birth and further development, all sort of problems associated with this disease making Nacho become the first patient of Dent disease suffering so many pathologies, which is why the doctors advised his parents to start raising funds to help advance research. Even so, Nacho is a strong boy, a happy and loving fighter, an example of fortitude and vitality facing the giant in front of him. What are the goals of ASDENT? We aim to: 1. Spread the knowledge of this little-known disease both to the general population and to the medical staff. 2. Promote research on this disease. 3. Encourage early diagnosis in early childhood. 4. Do research on how to change the natural history of the disease and, therefore, avoid kidney failure in the future. 5. Obtain a medicine to stop ion loss in urine and avoid progression towards kidney failure.